February 06, 2004

Sharon's Brilliant Move

Ariel Sharon declared earlier this week that he intends to order a unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Just today, Industry, Trade and Labor Minister Ehud Olmert outlined the process for the Bush Administration.

This is so smart. On the surface, it could look like a concession. However, it really isn't.

You see, it's been the IDF who has maintained the peace in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Once Sharon has pulled his people back within the safety of the fence, the IDF can pull back, and we can see the true nature of the Palestinians erupt.

A civil war is brewing among the Palestinians. Arafat's alleged poor health, not to mention the fact that the PLA is broke, will see his grip on the geography rapidly erode. See, it takes a lot of graft to keep murderous thugs happy enough to be disinterested in slitting your throat, and it seems that the Arafish just doesn't have the money to pay them off.

When he dies of natural causes, or gets assassinated, we'll see the PLA blow up in a power struggle to determine the next "elected" criminal.

This can only be a good thing. Should such a civil war break out, the world will see the gloves come off, and sympathy for the Palestinians will plummet when people finally see just how few of the Geneva conventions they're concerned with.

In the meantime, The Israeli people can sit back in increased safety, and watch the various terrorist groups slug it out beyond Israel's borders. After all, that's what Sharon is most concerned about: the safety of his own people. That's as should be. If I were in his shoes, I would do no less.

Never write a blog entry and check other blogs at the same time. I was going to go on and on about the benefits of the security fence. Steven den Beste is way ahead of me, as usual. He expresses it much more completely, so...what he said.

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January 30, 2004

Summarizing my opinion on the matter of fences:

Follow this link.

It speaks for itself.

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Knowledge Is Power: SondraK.com links with: People with Glass Fences...


Turns out that the terrorist who murdered 10 Israelis, and injured more than fifty others on a packed Jerusalem bus yesterday, was a PA policeman.

Let's put aside the fact that this is a clear indicator of the fact that Arafat is still a long way from rooting out terrorism in his organization. Let's reserve our damnation of Reuters for reporting that, "The army has destroyed dozens of Palestinian police stations in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, accusing security forces of either turning a blind eye to militant groups attacking Israelis or taking part themselves in the three-year-old uprising."*

What concerns me now is the offhanded way people--specifically the media and my elected representatives--are reacting to this new terrorist attack upon the Israeli people. Where is the human rights' outcry? Where is the damnation and denunciation by the people-loving Left? Why does it seem that only so-called "heartless" conservatives like myself seem to feel Israel's pain, and wish to do something to alleviate it?

Since I cannot get any reply--let alone a satisfactory one--from my own elected representation; since I cannot find fair, balanced, and honest reporting from the mainstream media; since this nation cannot seem to stand up and be a strong friend at Israel's shoulder, and since it bothers me so terribly, it then falls to me to do something about it.

I shall soon have a PayPal button on this blog. Donations will be made to One Family in the names of those of us who care, and want to help.

Watch this space for updates.

I am so sorry, Israel. Oh Gods, I am so sorry.

*(Emphasis mine--L.)

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