November 03, 2004

The People Prevail: Four more years.

President George W. Bush has received the nod from we, the People of these United States.

Tally this morning?
Bush: 51% of the vote, with 269 electoral votes.
Kerry: 48% of the vote with 238 electoral votes.

All right.

We can now finish what we started. Alaa, take heart: we knew what was right, and we reelected the man who led the war to free your homeland from the horrors of the psychopath Saddam. You and your people will not now be abandoned to terrorists and murderers.

Osama: watch your back. You hurt us one. You threatened us again. You know nothing of us as a people if you think we'll just roll over for you like Spain. Start counting your breaths. Your days are numbered.

Hamas, Hizbollah, al Qaeda, et al: Start running. Keep running. Or, change your ways. We're still coming.

People were watching and listening this election. The Silent Majority held their tongues mostly until Election Day, and then they made their preference irrefutably clear: we want Bush.

I should hope that John Kerry will now take the gentleman's route, and bow gracefully out. I know he won't -- I know he'll put his after-election handbook of litigation into high gear and try to turn elections into something run by the court system.

This is exactly what makes him so undesirable to the majority of people in the United States: he either refuses, or is incapable of seeing, that actions do make the man, and his actions generally leave a very bad taste in the mouth of the American on the street. He has acted without integrity on many occasions -- in fact, he's made a career of it. His quickness to litigate disgusts many; especially the sure knowledge that he was plannning this all along.

So, let me say this directly to the Senator:

Senator Kerry, we don't want you. You have not received the office of President. You could demand that we all go and recast our vote today, and we still will not want you. You are not cut of the right cloth for the highest office of this land. We all suggest that you behave once as a gentleman should, and go quietly home.


UPDATE: Well, I owe Senator Kerry a kudo. There is a gentlemanly bone in his body. He called President Bush to concede the election. That had to hurt, and was most likely the hardest call he ever made. I respect him for that.

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Kerry publicly concedes.

OK, let's get back to work.

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