October 29, 2004

High Country Blogger's Alliance

You may have noticed a new header on the right-hand sidebar. Turns out that an old friend might be moving back to this neck of the woods. Under the cover of a technical conference, we decided that it might be fun to start our own blogging alliance. We're both right-of-center, with very similar political opinions, and neither of us have the time to blog with the, ah, professionalism of a group like the Rocky Mountain Blogger's Alliance.

So, why not start our own?

Membership in HCBA is relatively painless. If you have right-leaning political viewpoints, work in technology, blog only for fun and entertainment, and don't mind putting up an HCBA blogroll (small as it is), you can join.

HCBA is is for fun-loving bloggers. It doesn't matter if you can rant with the best and spew four-letter invective with style and verve, or if you are a more measured commentator. So long as you're a gregarious geek, you can come play. We'll even give you your very own logo to post. (Once it's all designed and everything.)

Email one of your friendly HCBA coordinators today!
Yours Truly: civicalls-at-yahoo-dot-com
The Nerdy Conservative: nerdyconservative-at-gmail-dot-com

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