February 25, 2005

Judicially-Mandated Murder

Judge George Greer has delivered his decree. Terri Schiavo is to be starved to death.

In a painfully obvious miscarriage of justice, Michael Schiavo has been granted judicial leave to have Terri's feeding tube removed at 1:00 p.m. on March 18.

Judge Greer completely disregarded requests by the Schindlers to pursue additional testing to prove that Terri has more mental faculty than has been thought. He has ignored the fact that state officials are trying to investigate the allegations of Terri's mistreatment. He absolutely refuses to entertain the possibility that Terri might improve enough with actual, active rehabilitation, and one day be able to let people know what she really wants.

I believe that Judge Greer's ruling was wrong on every moral and intellectual level imaginable. Terri is an innocent woman being sentenced to death by starvation -- an end that no judge in his right mind would ever deliver to a convicted felon on death row. How is it that Judge Greer finds it correct to sentence Terri Schindler-Schiavo to such a horrific death?

The questions I have posed in my two previous posts still stand and have become even more urgent. What is going on here, beneath the false veneer of Michael Schiavo's claims that he's only doing what Terri wanted; claims that have never been substantiated independently, or represented in a legal document, such as a Living Will? Moreover, why did Michael wait so long before pursuing the "no artificial means" avenue? I know that my husband would intervene, on the spot, were I in a mortally-injured state in the hospital.

This is a dangerous precedent, and one which we, as a People, must move to scotch. Once the precedent is set, this (to some) seemingly-innocuous case of "right to die" might be used to liberalize euthanasia to the point where almost anyone with "undesirable" life quality could be put to medically-assisted death.

Take a moment to think about the implications of that. Take into account the hospital in Amsterdam, who admitted to euthanizing terminally-ill babies before the law was passed. Like abortion, there are too many mitigating circumstances for a clear rule of law to ever be established for the appropriateness of euthanasia.

There is more to Terri's case than meets the eye. Suspect is Michael Schiavo's cold determination to see her dead. Why won't Michael surrender Terri's care to her parents? They will take care of her, and never trouble him again. He has been told that he can keep the money he won in the lawsuits that he waged "in Terri's interests". He has two children by another woman, who he lives with. Why not divorce Terri, and wash his hands of the situation? How does her continuing life hurt him? What is he hiding?

It is time to help the Schindlers take their fight to higher courts. A Federal case should be filed, and a Grand Jury should probe Judge Greer based upon allegations I referred to in my prior post.

To make a donation to help the Schindlers carry their fight onward, click here.

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February 24, 2005

Help Save Terri, Part II

Mrs. TF Stern, who is a fabulous researcher and the wife of the TF Stern of TF Stern's Rantings found two compelling articles, which both bear review.

Others in the blogosphere have mentioned their concern or conviction that Michael Schiavo may have had something to do with Terri's collapse in 1990. I was hesitant to make mention of it, because it is certainly unproven.

Yet, in light of the data Mrs. Stern found, I think that in addition to rallying together to save Terri, we should also call for a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding her brain injury.

The Empire Journal has a detailed argument for investigation, which includes a copy of Terri's bone tests, indicating that she had a history of skeletal trauma predating or coinciding with the injury which left her brain damaged. The article also contains a chilling affidavit signed and sworn by Carla Sauer Lyer, an RN who cared for Terri from around April of 1995 until August of 1996. The affidavit includes testimony of altered medical records, withheld care, intimidation, and comments made by Michael to the effect of "When is that bitch gonna die".

Also hyperlinked is a report by neurologist Dr. William Hammesfahr, who reveals that tests conducted after Terri's 1990 collapse did not show any evidence of a heart attack. This is telling, for Michael Schiavo has long contended that Terri collapsed because of malnourishment resulting from extreme dieting. He would have us believe that she fainted because of a potassium imbalance.

Yet, if she simply collapsed, and if there's evidence that she didn't have a heart attack, how was oxygen cut off from her brain for five to eight minutes? It may be that Terri was the victim of strangulation. Until an investigation is launched, we will not know for sure.

In the article, "Terri Schiavo and the soul of America", columnist Lisa Fabrizio writes that

"...No matter what evidence the Schindler family has presented, Michael Schiavo, Judge Greer and noted euthanasia lawyer George Felos are determined that Terri must die for her own good. This despite numerous reports by nurses and others that she is a vital and responsive young woman of 41 who smiles at and recognizes her family; regardless of the fact that her feeding tube is only inserted at mealtimes and she needs no other life support; even though she is a Catholic whose religion forbids euthanasia.

The lengths to which those who wish her slow death by starvation have gone are truly appalling. They have, at various times refused medication for routine infections which could prove fatal if untreated; withheld dental and gynecological tests and treatments for periods of up to seven years; restricted visits from her family and worse, visits by her parish priest, even refusing to allow him to administer the Host during the Last Rites the last time her tube was removed, claiming it would constitute "sustenance."

Both articles also make mention of something equally as disturbing: the reported conflicts of interest excused by Judge George Greer. These allegations are mentioned here.

"...Michael successfully secured the support of Judge George Greer who has consistently ruled against Terri's parents denying Terri's civil rights and ignoring Florida state laws protecting the disabled. Greer has shrugged off serious conflicts of interest on Michael's part including inheriting Terri's remaining money and the fact he has been in an adulterous union since 1992. Michael has ignored court orders to submit a guardianship plan required under Florida law or to appear for depositions. These abuses have all been swept under the rug by Judge Greer. His bias is less baffling when viewed in the light of judicial activism around the country that consistently violates the rule of law and the civil rights of the weak and helpless."

As if that isn't enough, an article posted by CNS News in September, 2003 discusses conflicts of interest on the part of Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos, in the context of evidence that he had a prior relationship with Terri's court-ordered physician, Dr. Peter Bambakidis.

Why won't Michael do the right thing and divorce Terri so that her parents can care for her? It would be the "right thing" in more than one sense: how about legitimacy for the children he has by his live-in lover? What is he hiding with all this obfuscation, stonewalling, and litigation? Why has Terri never had independent legal representation?

There needs to be an investigation into the events surrounding Terri's injury. Medical records need to be made available to investigators. A Grand Jury needs to ask Judge Greer some very probing questions, and George Felos needs to tell us about his exact relationship with Terri's court-appointed physician.

Most of all, we must put an immediate end to a runaway process which thrives while Terri and her family must face the horrific possibility that the job will be finished -- not by Michael -- but by judicial fiat, and that very soon.

Get in touch with Gov. Jeb Bush and other members of the Florida legislature right now:
Reach the Governor
Rep. Allan G. Bense
Florida Representatives for Regular Session 2005

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February 23, 2005

Alert: help Save Terri Schiavo

Time is running out for Terri Schiavo. Her husband, now living with another woman whom he has children with (!) continues the fight to see her dead. It seems odd to me that in all this time, and in light of his happy life with this new woman, that he has not divorced Terri, nor granted her parents legal authority over decisions surrounding her care. Keeping in mind that this is an opinion blog, I intuit that he does not really act out of selfless concern for Terri.

Terri is not comatose. She does respond to stimuli in her environment. She laughs and cries, and tries to talk with her parents. Some medical personnel hold the professional opinion -- and have testified under oath -- that she could improve and increase functionality if she were to receive rehabilitation.

She does take her nourishment through a feeding tube in her stomach, and this is what her "husband" (I put it in quotes, because he certainly isn't living as a devoted spouse should) wants to have pulled. He cites a vague, unwritten reference to some unspecified time in the past when, he claims, Terri indicated that she would never want to be allowed to live through artificial means.

This anecdotal "desire" isn't in writing. There is no Living Will. I give his word as much credence as I give my two-year old when she claims that she didn't get into the cookie jar, even though the evidence is smeared across her face.

Starvation is a horrible, slow, painful way to die. The pain is grinding and unrelenting. She would be racked with pain and gnawing, inescapable hunger and thirst. It could take a week or more for her to die. She went through this once already: in 2003, she was denied food and water for six days before the Florida legislature and the Governor intervened on her behalf.

In a culture that breathlessly believes every prisoner abuse claim that gets trumpeted across the front page of liberal rags, Terri's fight for life goes largely unnoticed.

Conservative Alerts has a way for you to help. Contact lawmakers today and demand that they allow Terri her life. For those wishing to assist more tangibly, her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Schindler, can really use donations to help them defray the legal costs of the battle for their child's life. Go here to make a secure donation to help Terri.

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February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!!

DMFA says it for me. Cute, and one of my regular reads. (Updted M, W, F!)

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February 09, 2005

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Carly Fiorina was given the boot by HP.
It's all.
The News.

On a related note, HP's stock is up.

I need another cup of coffee to celebrate. Tonight, I think I'll stop on the way home and pick up some Easy Street. Seems apropos.

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February 02, 2005

Murderous Intolerance

Completely ignored in the mainstream media is the fact that Muslims are tracking Christians who debate with them on the chat forum PalTalk.com, and are posting personal information about them, coupled with threats.

A Christian family was found murdered in their New Jersey home with their throats slit two months after the father, Hossan Armanious, received an online death threat from Muslims who he debated with on the website.

Michelle Malkin has more.

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Calm Before the Storm

Iraqis Vote, Moonbats Temporarily STFU

But they'll be out with new conspiracy theories and crap in another day or two.

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