ALERT: Mae Magouirk in Georgia.

UPDATE: Sherri has a little more detail.

I'm still unsure what, exactly, is going on here, but have decided ( again invoking the catchphrase) to "err on the side of life".

As I learn more, I shall let you know.

She is not comatose, she is not vegetative, she is not terminal, and she is being starved and dehydrated to death.

BlogsforTerri has the alert here (with updates verifying its veracity), with immediate action items here.

I said Never Again, and I meant it.

The data that I have so far is from the post at BlogsforTerri. Points:
1. Mae is 85 years old, but is not terminal -- she has an aortic dissection, however, which her doctor says is contained.
2. Mae is not brain damaged or comatose.
3. Mae has a Living Will, stating that she wishes to be maintained.

She was moved to hospice by her granddaughter, who stated that she holds Mae Magourik's medical power of attorney, and who stated that her wishes for her grandmother are 'no nourishment'.

The hospice's in-house attorney checked Mrs. Magouirk's case file, and upon examining relevant documents, determined that the granddaughter does not have the durable power of attorney, and that Mae's Living Will ascertains that fluids and nourishment are only to be withheld is she slips into a coma or falls into a vegetative state.

According to the post at BlogsforTerri, Mae is alert.

This does beg a couple of questions:
1. If the hospice has determiend that the granddaughter does not hold power of attorney, and that an aware and competent patient desires treatment, why is Mae in danger? Why do they not simply provide nourishment, albeit in intubated form at this time?

2. Where are the police? If this as it appears, and we have a clear-cut case of patient abuse perpetrated by people without the legal authority to make decisions for her, why has she not been removed from danger?

I will try to get answers to these questions, and a complete understanding of the issue as the day progresses. I will update as I learn more. Please see the relevant post at BlogsforTerri for more detail.

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