To My Brother and Sister Pagans:

Before I get to my invitation to other Practitioners of the Craft, I just want to note that it occurs to me that we've gone about this all wrong. If Republicans and social libertarians merely said, "Terri who?" the Left would have been all over this, and the hue and cry over how heartless "Repugs" are would have reached an all-new decibel level of shrill.

But because it seems to be mainly conservative types who are championing Terri's right to live, there must be something political, something suspect, and wrong about it.

Never mind that life is sacred. Never mind that all we have is Michael Schiavo's hearsay testimony that Terri "once said" something to him, in passing, at the end of watching a movie that she wouldn't want to be a burden. Never mind that there is an incredible amount of information out there suggesting that ending Terri's life isn't what she really wants or deserves, and that Terri isn't as nonfunctional as the public has been led to believe.

I am outraged by the cozening suggestions that starvation is "painless and peaceful". I'm left nonplussed by the backseat manner of the Schiavo side of the coin, "No, really, it's OK. Just trust me. Relax."

Then I am deeply touched by the Schindler's ongoing fight to save their child. I look over at my child, and hope that if -- Gods forbid -- something so evil were to happen to her, that there would be people of good heart to stand up and join my fight to keep her alive. But then, my husband I would handle any injury to our daughter differently.

I'm a practicing Pagan writing this, so don't accuse me of overweening Christianity.

Now, on to my invitation to Brothers and Sisters of Good Heart: The moon is waxing full. Depending upon how you guage the advent, the season of Ostara is upon us. I ask other Pagans who may come upon these words to join in Rites inviting the visitation of appropriate justice, and for the Rule of Three to assert itself with alacrity. Invoke Wisdom. Invoke protection for the weak. Ask the Macha Ruadh to deliver justice to evildoers everywhere.

Do not direct your energies to individuals. Let the Universe sort out who is right and who is wrong. Harm none through deed or intent. Merely invite the Universe to restore balance. People will reap what they have sown. We'll just be inviting vested energies to return threefold, in accordance with what is in the heart.

Then we'll see who thrives and who...doesn't.

posted by Linda on March 23, 2005 06:52 PM