Bay of Bengal Disaster: How To Help

As the death toll resulting from the Bay of Bengal earthquake and tsunamis mounts, I think it appropriate to list charities who are taking donations in an effort to help those injured and displaced by the earthquake and subsequent tsunamis.

I also offer my deepest condolences to my human brothers and sisters hit by this disaster. In addition to what little I can do materially, I hold you all in my thoughts and prayers.

World Vision
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
Indian Prime Minister's Relief Fund
Sri Lankan Relief Fund
The Canadian Catholic Organization for DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE

And, A Small Victory has a list of others, here.

Dec. 28th update: Scrappleface has additional resources for people who wish to help by making donations. (Hat tip to Powerpundit.)

Update #2:: FoxNews has more resources.

Dec. 29th Update: Amazon has stepped up to the plate. You can make donations with 1-click to the ARC for the Disaster Relief Efforts.

posted by Linda on December 27, 2004 09:48 PM

Powerpundit links with: UN's Jan Egeland: U.S. Too Stingy With South Asia Relief

Suprisingly, I haven't heard anyone blame this on Bush/Kyoto failure yet

Posted by: Chase at December 28, 2004 06:30 AM

I'd give it about a week. Soon, it'll be the fault of the USA and the Bush Administration that the Indian Ocean wasn't equipped with early warning systems.

'Cause you know, we're supposed to be the sugar daddy to the whole world -- so long as we aren't protecting ourselves, of course.

Posted by: Linda at December 28, 2004 04:07 PM

Of course they have accused the US of being stingy with aid resources even though we have committed more aid than all other countries combined.

Next we come the "It's Bush's fault" arguments. The alphabet stations are starting wear out the "crashing waves" loops. You can expect Wolf Blitzer to interview a scientist any day now who will lay the whole thing on global warming.

Posted by: remay1 at December 30, 2004 02:46 AM

I have all ready heard that it's the US's fault because we didn't provide them with the newest technology for Tsunami tracking equipment. Oh, and everyone is pissed that it took Bush 3 days to make any kind of comment about the whole thing because he was on vacation.

I give up.

Posted by: Ethne at December 30, 2004 03:57 PM

Happy New Year! May 2005 bring you, and yours, nothing but health & happiness.

Posted by: Tony Iovino at January 1, 2005 03:06 PM