Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

As we enter the Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year season, I think that it is important for everyone to take a step back and remember that we can all have fun without getting dangerous. I've attached a rather graphic picture of an overdose victim, not for its shock value, but in the hope that everyone remains aware of his or her limits. When you look at this picture, remember that this did not have to happen.


(Received in email.)

posted by Linda on November 24, 2004 04:01 PM

That is so funny... I was looking through the pictures on my system and I saw this one and thought of you. (it reminded me of stories about the lich kitty.)

Thanks for the much needed awww factor for this morning. And as always... all my best to your family. Much love, dear friend. :)

Posted by: Ethne at November 24, 2004 04:21 PM

Always! I am here to make you smile! (I just wish that the Viking hadn't lost those stats he rolled up for dear Lichy-poo.)

All our best to you, the Hubster, and the Feline Oppressive Triad.



Posted by: Linda at November 24, 2004 05:03 PM