"After European representatives launched a campaign against Israel's separation fence, and voted against Israel at the UN general assembly, the EU is planning a separation fence of its own. The EU plans to build a fence to separate its new members - Poland and Hungary - from its new neighbors - Russia, Belarus and Ukraine - to prevent the free movement of migrants seeking to enter the EU.

Israeli companies that specialize in the construction of warning fences and security systems will participate in tenders to build hundreds of kilometers of fences along the EU's new eastern border."

From this article, with a hat tip to LGF. The emphasis is mine.

So, let me get this straight. It isn't OK for Israel to build a fence in order to protect their people from Palestinian nutjobs who routinely strap bombs onto their bodies in the name of terror, but it is OK for the EUroweenies to build a fence to keep out people from Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine? What did they do? Do they have to start bombing railroads to receive overtures of welcome?

Whatever. On the other hand, am I the only person who catches the irony of the fact that Israeli contractors are being wooed for the job?

Unvarnished hypocrisy.

posted by Linda on August 17, 2004 05:40 PM