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I did not have a lot of time to sort through the day’s news because of the demands of a grave crisis in my personal life – the ongoing dissolution of a relationship turning suddenly even more sour than usual, and the attendant, growing possibility I will soon be without a home or even the kind of Internet access essential to continue my contributions to this site. Hence my participation in this blog may soon become erratic or may even end entirely, a likelihood for which I apologize in advance, especially to those faithful readers who visit this site daily. Meanwhile, from last night’s much-abbreviated survey of on-line news, here is a pointed commentary by a veteran newsman who properly denounces the Democrats for poisoning the 9/11 commission with malicious partisanship.

posted by on April 14, 2004 03:48 PM


I wish you well and hope you find the ability to continue. I have enjoyed your writing.

Posted by: Stephen Macklin at April 14, 2004 07:58 PM

Best of luck to you through the difficult times.

Posted by: Ted at April 15, 2004 01:47 PM


Take care of yourself. Me, I recommend getting a motorcycle. You cannot imagine how it can change your life, for the better.

Posted by: chris at April 16, 2004 12:15 AM