The Folly: SCO to File LINUX Lawsuit Today

ZDNet has the latest.

Despite an ongoing battle of documentation between Novell and SCO, McBride and his organization have yet to provide examples of the allegedly stolen code.

Now SCO has expanded their lawsuit to include another company. McBride declines to name who it is, but he hints that the company has had licensing agreements with SCO in the past.

That could be any number of different people. There are several manufacturers out there who have given their customers the option of a SCO bundle for their servers. Lots of those companies have also offered LINUX, as well as Novell and Windows. (I have a guess as to who SCO may be targeting, but I'll hold my peace until further events unfold.)

As someone actively working in the industry, I say that this case still smacks more of sour grapes than anything else. SCO sees its end looming with the growth of stable, user-friendly open source platforms. These lawsuits are the desperate thrashings of a company drowning in its own inefficiency.

posted by Linda on March 2, 2004 06:01 PM

And EV1 (formerly Rackshack) has decided to pay the extortionists. Idiots.

I'm glad I didn't go there for the new MuNu server.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at March 2, 2004 09:54 PM