Pagans in the Pentagon

I received the following link from a Conservative Pagan discussion group I belong to:
"The Pentagon and the Pentacle"

I especially loved this quote,

"Will the Earth spirituality of the 21st century be shaped by aging hippies, or by a younger brand of Pagan who takes pride in being a warrior and who sees no contradiction between reverence for the land and service to one's country?"

I believe that the latter will hold true. As the new Paganism matures, I predict that we will see an influx of people who have no problem balancing civic and military service with the Goddess faith. Indeed, She has many warrior faces, Herself, as does Her Consort and Lover, the All-Father.

Part of Paganism is the acknowledgement of the need for balance, and for taking action appropriate to the situation, as well as taking personal responsibility for those actions. There's much more, of course, but it seems natural to me that a multi-layered religion like mine will attract many, many different types of people. Some will be warriors, and some will be pacifists. Those of us who follow a warrior path will protect and care for those who do not. More than any other belief system, however, I foresee that those who actively pursue peace will nevertheless support and love their warrior brothers and sisters, as they are loved in return. We will pity those who cannot come to acceptance on their own, and as a group, return the energy paid us--even if it means with violence.

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posted by Linda on January 16, 2004 08:15 PM